Winter Parking: Winter Parking: Please be advised winter is coming and we do have a town ordinance (6-1-4E) that prohibits parking recreational, utility vehicles, and other privately-owned vehicles on town right of ways from November 15 through March 15.  During those dates no vehicles can be parked or stored within twenty feet (20’) to the left or right of the midpoint of the road.  To keep our roads open and provide for adequate snow removal we will be enforcing this ordinance.  Please note the first violation will be a warning. The second and all subsequent offenses will result in a parking citation and the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.      

Green Waste Dumpster

Logan will not be providing a green waste dumpster this year. They are still accepting green waste at no charge but will be assessing whether this will be continued in the future. 

Be advised that dumping green waste on public property and along roadways is illegal and could result in citations. Clarkston Town does not allow green waste or any debris to be dumped in or around the old gravel pit and will aggressively pursue all legal options if someone is caught doing so. 

The Town Council recognizes that the green waste collection site was extremely popular and beneficial, but for Clarkston to provide one would be extremely expensive. The town is interested in citizens’ input to help us find a viable solution.