Winter Parking: Winter Parking: Please be advised winter is coming and we do have a town ordinance (6-1-4E) that prohibits parking recreational, utility vehicles, and other privately-owned vehicles on town right of ways from November 15 through March 15.  During those dates no vehicles can be parked or stored within twenty feet (20’) to the left or right of the midpoint of the road.  To keep our roads open and provide for adequate snow removal we will be enforcing this ordinance.  Please note the first violation will be a warning. The second and all subsequent offenses will result in a parking citation and the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.      

Garbage Collection Update

Garbage collection with Waste Management is slated to begin October 1st.  Some have asked why the change?  The answer, Logan decided not to provide collection services outside of Logan; that included green waste and dumpsters.  Logan will continue to provide dumpster services until October 1st and then all requests for dumpsters will need to be coordinated through Waste Management. Residential collection schedules for garbage and recycle will likely remain the same and I anticipate you will continue to use the same containers you have now.  After October 1st Logan’s landfill will still be open to citizens in the valley as in the past. To help in the transition process citizens should expect to start seeing communications from Waste Management in August and September.  Should you have questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

N. Craig Hidalgo

Mayor, Clarkston Town
Email: [email protected]
Phone:  435-770-1229