Public Hearing for Trailhead Access: Notice to all concerned citizens and interested parties: All citizens and interested parties are encouraged to attend a hearing for keeping public access trailheads open to Winter, Elbow, Green, and Old Canyons. A private landowner recently purchased these properties from the Young Brothers and is attempting to close all public access trail heads, that go through these properties, allowing access to Federal and State-owned lands above these properties. A hearing is scheduled for Friday, June 14, 2024, at 1:30. Logan Utah First Judicial Court 135 N 100 WLogan, Utah

Building Permits and Zoning Clearances

It has been brought to our attention that there are a couple of homes that have constructed or placed buildings within Clarkston which do not have the necessary permits.  

Building and Zoning Permits are REQUIRED in Clarkston. The town will be enforcing the code as stated below. Failure to obtain needed permits is a Class C Misdemeanor ($750.00 fine). Violations of the code will be handled by the Cache County Sheriff’s Office.   

The construction, alteration, repair, removal or occupancy of any structure, or any part thereof, as provided or as restricted in this title, shall not be commenced or proceeded with except after the issuance of a written permit for the same by the building inspector. (Ord. 01-04, 1-7-2002)
   A.   A building permit is not required for buildings or structures two hundred (200) square feet or less; and
   B.   Buildings or structures, measuring fifty (50) square feet to two hundred (200) square feet, including metal storage or shipping containers of any kind or size, must adhere to the zoning regulations; and
   C.   To ensure that zoning regulations are adhered to on the above mentioned buildings or structures, the town of Clarkston has determined the need to implement a zoning clearance permit; and
   D.   The zoning clearance permit application filing fee shall be in the amount as established by the town council. (Ord. 16-06, 2-2-2016; amd. Ord. 21-05, 5-18-2021)
10-2-11: PENALTY:
Any person, firm or corporation, whether as principal, agent, employee or otherwise, violating or causing or permitting the violation of the provisions of this title, including the provisions of a validly issued conditional use permit, shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code, and such person, firm or corporation shall be deemed to be guilty of a separate offense for each and every day during which any portion of any violation of this title is committed, continued or permitted by such person, firm or corporation. (Ord. 01-04, 1-7-2002; amd. 2003 Code; Ord. 16-06, 2-2-2016)
     D.   Fines Of Persons 4
      2.   Class C Misdemeanor; Infraction: Seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) when the conviction is of a class C misdemeanor conviction or infraction conviction. (1976 Code § 1-331; amd. 2003 Code)