Notice of Proposed Tax Increase Clarkston Town:

Message from the Mayor

Dear Citizens,

Thank you for supporting our Pony Express Days. It was a very pleasant two days and I hope all who attended enjoyed the activities, food, and music.

We need some help and wish to increase awareness in the use of water. Clarkston’s water intake is adequate for our needs; however, our capacity is limited. Our goal is to allow our tanks time to refill to maximum capacity and the reason for this is to make sure all have the water they need and there is still plenty in case of an emergency, such as fire. To achieve this objective, it is imperative that we use our water wisely. For instance, NO WATERING IN THE AFTERNOON BETWEEN NOON AND FIVE AND NO WATERING AFTER MIDNIGHT UNTIL FIVE IN THE MORNING. We have found that when we do this our tanks will refill to adequate levels. 

Experts agree that watering in the heat of the day is not beneficial so I believe that if the citizens will monitor their usage we should be able to make it through the summer without restrictions. We have published helpful hints and guidelines on Clarkston’s website for making the most of the water you use, please review, and apply to your situation. Thank you in advance for your support in controlling water usage, working together we should be able to provide all the water needed for our residents and in case of emergency.

Craig Hidalgo
Mayor, Clarkston Town
Phone:  435-770-1229
Email: [email protected]